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Hudevad radiator with brass rail
Hudevad P5 Vertical with brass coloured towel rail with magnets

Are you renovating your bathroom from top to bottom, so the layout and design is exactly as you want? Then please don't forget the old radiator! All too often it is overlooked, and that is a shame.  Firstly, it will most likely not fit in with your brand-new design and will therefore hamper the overall expression. Secondly, there are far more efficient and functional models out there.


A design that fits the new décor.

There are many options for matching a radiator with the design expression you want for your bathroom. Whether it's a consistent color palette, a distinctive style, or special wishes for the placement of the radiator. So go exploring and choose the design radiator that suits your new bathroom.


Less dust and more style with hidden piping and a flat front.

When you do a complete renovation, it would be a great idea to have your radiators made with hidden piping or connections. In this way, you avoid the annoying visible pipes that stick up to the floor or out of the wall, and the overall impression of the room is therefore clearer and tighter. With hidden piping, only the heating surface or the radiator itself is visible. In addition, there are fewer places where dust collects, and it is thus easier to keep it neat and clean.

Vertical with hidden piping
Hudevad P5 Vertical with black towel rail and hidden pipework

Use the radiator as a towel rail.

Why not use the heat from the radiator to dry your towels? With a towel rail or elegant hooks mounted on the radiator with strong magnets, your radiator can both heat the room and dry your towels at the same time.


A bench that spreads heat

Could you use a warm bench where you can sit and dry your feet, where the kids can sit while they brush their teeth or where the extra space can be used as a decorative storage space for towels or a few cozy candles? Noone ever said that the radiator must hang on the wall, because you can get one shaped like a bench. The pipes are hidden in the legs, and the radiator bench is made with a beautiful wooden seat.

Get the bench in a colour that will make your bathroom stand out or have it made in a neutral shade that will blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

Bench black
Hudevad Integral Bench in black with stone top

A modern, more energy efficient radiator

If the bathroom has not been renovated for many years, the radiator is probably at least as old. A new radiator is not only designed to look more beautiful, but also to make better use of heat. New materials and modern technologies ensure better insulation, better regulation and more efficient heat transfer.

Hudevad has many different radiators that will be perfect for installation in modern, contemporary bathrooms. You can find much more information on our bathroom radiators right here: Bathroom radiators


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