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Retro-style radiators: A fusion of the style of the past and modern functionality

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Would you like to have a home where your radiators not only provide heat, but also give your interior a unique and stylish touch? In this blog post we delve into retro style radiators. So, if you are also into the classic radiator designs that send you straight back to the 1960s, here are some good tips on how you can use the style in your home.


What characterizes a retro radiator?

The first radiators date back to the middle of the 19th century, but it wasn't until the 20th century that the radiator found its way into most homes. In fact, we must go back to the post-war period before it becomes common to have radiators rather than stoves and fireplaces. The radiators back then were much heavier than they are today. In addition, they were often low or narrow, so they would fit into the smaller houses and apartments.


Hudevad radiators in retro style


Dante - retro style from the beginning of the 20th century

Our Dante radiator is a classic cast iron radiator in a retro design. With the floor-mounted radiator, you get a truly authentic retro-look. The design personalizes your room and your decor without being dominant and is the obvious choice for old Victorian houses or where you want a real period feature. Dante has the cast iron gray color as standard but can of course also be painted in all modern colors - which gives the radiator a different feel and different look. The radiator is available in a wide range of different heights, widths and depths, so there is always a size that fits your home.

Hudevad Dante is of course produced on modern machines and according to modern regulations, but originally the heavy cast iron radiators were often made by hand and would make any blacksmith sweat!



Classic - the original from the 1930s

Our Hudevad Classic is probably the radiator style many of us associate with 1960s and 1970s villas and old, high-ceilinged apartments. However, Classic is from the 1930s and has a nice "classic" look that is associated with products that are timeless and durable. Hudevad Classic is a typical sectional radiator with countless size options, from small chubby radiators on legs to the more classic wall-mount under the windowsill. Classic simply exudes classic retro and will give your home lots of personality.

Despite its classic and "old-style" appearance, Classic meets all modern requirements for efficient heat release and can of course be supplied in a multitude of different colours, so that the radiator will always tie in with your decor and the rest of your interior.



Keta – modern retro without compromising on style or performance.

Our latest addition to our retro radiators is our modern retro radiator Hudevad Keta. Here, we have taken the best of the typical sectional radiator and given it a modern twist, so that the radiator appears rounder and more versatile. Hudevad Keta can be supplied in both a horizontal, a vertical and a lowline version and this means that you can install the same radiator style everywhere in the home, regardless of your heating needs and the space considerations that are often present in modern homes. However, Keta is so suitably “retro” that it can easily be combined with other "old" radiators and still give the home a uniform and homogeneous look.

Hudevad Keta can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes and colors and is the perfect choice if you want a home with a retro feel but without compromising on either style, heating performance or your modern décor.



How do you use them in your interior design?

The radiators in retro style can either help to implement the retro style you already have in your home, or they can be used strategically as statements.  The beauty is, that in both cases, your radiators will become part of your interior design. There will be intention behind them, and they will thus add an extra dimension to the room.

If you are in doubt as to whether a retro-style radiator will fit into your home, it is a good idea to look at your current radiators. Do they disturb the eye? What works, what doesn't work about them? Do you like the color of them? You can then compare them with the retro radiator - will it fit better?



Create an effect.

If you want to create a focal point in your home - and use your radiators as statements in your interior design, then a retro-style radiator is a perfect solution. If you already have a lot of retro-style furniture and accessories, you can achieve the effect by choosing a retro radiator in an atypical color that, for example is a contrast to your other decor. If you, on the other hand, want the radiator to blend in to a wall or room to give your furniture or décor more space to live, you can either paint the radiator the same colour as the wall or give in a deeper shade of the same colour.


If you want to know more about how colors affect us, you can read more in our blog post about colors here 



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