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Southwestern Hospital (SVS), Esbjerg

As part of the general plan for the Southern Danish Region, the Sydvestjysk Hospital in Esbjerg has been refurbished and expanded with the purpose of obtaining optimal patient stays as well as to act as a role model hospital, which matches future patient and staff demand and expectations. Two of the focus areas in the plan were to expand the joint emergency reception area, as well as a refurbishment of the individual rooms in the patient wards.

The Eiffel Tower

With regards to the issue of “Infectione hygiene” it was emphasized that:

“…the design must act as a catalyst for improved hygiene, minimizing the number of cross-contamination risk points” and “…With regards to the building elements, solutions which are easy to clean are preferred.”

All of this taken into consideration, the Hudevad Lignum radiator was quickly chosen as the optimal solution for heating the reception area and the rooms in the patient wards, where a renovation of the façade formed a logistical challenge had traditional non-hygienic radiators been used.

Products used: