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The National Graphene Institute

As a part of Manchester University, The National Graphene Institute was started in 2013 and finished in 2015. The institute is located in Manchester, United Kingdom, and is the national facility for graphene research in the UK. The impressive project resulted in a five-story building, completely glass-fronted. The building offers 7,600 square metres of research space and won the 2016 RIBA National Award as well as the 2016 Civic Trust Award.

Manchester University

The construction of the building was funded both by the UK government and the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund and cost £61 million to build. The purpose of the institute is to advance research into graphene and provide facilities for industry and university academics to collaborate on graphene applications and the commercialization of the matter.

Hudevad Radiators became a part of the project when it was time to decide the heating source. The institute has implemented no less than four different Hudevad Radiators models, including Hudevad P5, Hudevad Plan XV, Hudevad LK, and Hudevad LST Care.

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