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The Panum Institute

As a part of the project ″Copenhagen Science City″ designed to create an attractive part of the city called ″Nørrebro″, the new Panum Institute as well as Rigshospitalet will form a major force in healthcare science in the middle of Copenhagen. In order to attract and maintain the best researchers and students an expansion was necessary, resulting in the construction of the new and impressive Mærsk Building, which contains laboratories, rooms for lectures, a canteen and a bicycle storage room in the basement.

The Panum Institute

Architects CF Møller A/S won the competition for the Mærsk Building in 2010. They wanted a drastically different radiator for their building, because the façade is constructed as a giant grid with large floor-to-ceiling windows. This means risk of cold bridges at the windows, but the idea was that the radiators could be integrated into the window frames to prevent the cold bridging.

The heat should be emitted from the bottom up, so that it was given in the area where people are located. In addition, the radiator should be hygienic and easy to clean with no risk of hidden or difficult-to-reach dust or dirt deposits.

The Hudevad Lignum was the only radiator to comply with these requirements. In total 3000 Lignum radiators are installed in the window frames of the 15-story Mærsk Building The radiators are practically invisible, maintenance-free and have an expected lifetime of more than 20 years.