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Upgrade your interior design with vertical radiators: Here you will find all the benefits!



P5V kitchen

We often get the question: What is the advantage of choosing a vertical radiator?

There are more. But one of the biggest is undoubtedly the extra options you get in your interior design. For a long time, we have been used to radiators looking a certain way: a horizontal white rectangle placed under the window. But today you can get radiators of all sizes, in different shapes and colours, under and above the floor - and yes, both horizontal, low, and vertical.

So here you get the benefits of the verticals.


More options in your interior design.

With a vertical radiator, you free up more space for your furniture, shelves, paintings or a wall-mounted TV. It gives you more options for placing the furniture and decorating the room, without furniture being placed right next to the radiator, which neither the furniture nor the circulation in the room benefits from.

In addition, you may have noticed a trend that can make your rooms look unbalanced and "flat": Sofas, tables, chairs, chests of drawers are all taking up space on the lower half of the room. We tend to design and decorate our rooms so that they are bottom heavy, while there is plenty of space in the upper part of the room.

By choosing vertical radiators, you free up more wall space at the bottom, and can make the room look taller and more harmonious. You break the horizontal lines and give the room a modern and interesting effect.


Vertical radiators as a decorative design.

In addition to being practical, radiators can also be decorative. It is our mission to get more people to think of a radiator as design. So why not use them actively in your decor now that you need them anyway? Whoever said that a radiator must be white? Who says it must be boring or just anonymous?

Choose a color that suits your style or that plays against your decor. Just like you place art on the wall, you have design on the wall: Radiator design.


Fionia green
The green colour of the Fionia Vertical is also used in the poster.


Take up minimal wall space in the kitchen and bathroom.

A pervasive challenge specifically for the bathroom and kitchen: There is simply not enough wall space. Kitchen cabinets, stove, refrigerator, washing column, shower cubicle and sink take up all the wall space. It is therefore difficult to get a radiator to fit in anywhere.

But a vertical radiator often much easier to find room for than horizontal one. A small strip by the door or next to a window is enough for a vertical radiator. Thus, you do not have to go down in size and risk choosing one that cannot heat the room sufficiently.


Use them to dry towels.

An extra benefit of a Hudevad vertical radiator is that it also works for drying towels in the bathroom or your tea towels in the kitchen or even to hang your coat on in the hallway! Simply fit your vertical radiator with our magnetic hooks or towel rails and you have given your vertical radiator an extra function.

That way you get a two-in-one solution, which saves on wall space altogether.


Hudevad P5 with rail 22.06 1227
The wall is put to good use with the vertical P5 radiator, which can also function as a coat rack or towel rail.

Just as efficient as horizontal radiators.

The efficiency of a vertical radiator is equal and can by some models be better than that of a horizontal radiator of the same size, as the vertical radiator make use of the "chimney effect" much better than a horizontal radiator. The chimney effect is where hot air rises as the warm air is lighter than cold air. When the warm air rises, a small vacuum is created in the lower levels of the room, which thus sucks new cold air up pass or through the vertical radiator and a natural air flow occurs that makes better use of the radiator's heat.

If you do not need more heat in the room, you can therefore downsize the radiator and thereby save more space. In some rooms and radiator models, it therefore pays off to replace the horizontal radiator with a vertical one to get the same heat output.


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