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Northern Vosborg Hotel

Northern Vosborg Hotel is a manor located on the south side of the town Vemb in the central region of Denmark. The manor, which currently functions as hotel, restaurant and cultural event venue, was founded on its current location I 1575 and include a four-winged building construction. The main buildings was all build between the 1500s and the 1800s, giving the manor an authenticity like no other. Additionally, the manor has an impressive 216 acres of land associated.

Northern Vosborg Hotel

In 2004 the manor was bought by the property company Realea A/S and refurbished. The refurbishment was finished in April 2018.

The Northern Vosborg Hotel has a long and interesting history that is intertwined with the Danish royal history and the manor, as it stands today, is a beautiful mishmash of architectural and family history. One of the most noteworthy building components of the manor, also incorporated in the hotel’s logo, is the port tower, which is connected with the walls the surround the closed courtyard.

Hudevad’s involvement in the refurbishment consisted of providing solid and comfortable heating for the bedrooms and other areas. The manors interior style is modern and simplistic and it was important that also the radiators contributed to that design choice. Consequently, the classic above them all, Hudevad Plan, was chosen. Hudevad Plan is the original flat front radiator, pioneered by Hudevad as the first in Europe. The minimalistic radiator plays a subtle part in the rooms, reinforcing the clean and classy look and contributing to making the manor experience complete.

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