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We care

In the world, many are looking towards Denmark when it comes to developing some of the future solutions that will help save our common planet. We have the resources to ensure that the solutions we devise and develop are both quality-assured and sustainable at all levels.

Therefore, we also believe that Denmark must be a pioneering country and come up with some of the important adjustment solutions. And we want to join! The energy sector is one of the most important areas. And Hudevad has both 100% recyclable products and one of the most energy-efficient solutions for renovating homes and offices in the metropolises.

Green heating

Intelligently produced radiator heating is not just an energy efficient and sustainable solution. The large surfaces and minimal content of water mean that the temperature is quickly regulated. A rapid adaptation to the environment means lower energy consumption and less CO2, which in the end is a benefit for both the environment and the economy. There is thus also less heat loss than with other heavier heat sources. At the same time, our radiator design is timeless. This means, among other things, that even though current trends, tendencies and fashion can lead to changes in the building's interior design and colors on the walls - the Hudevad radiators remain a timeless Danish design that always fits into the building.

Steel - a sustainable choice

Steel is without a doubt a "heavy" metal to extract, but that does not necessarily mean that the material is bad for the environment and our planet. Once the steel is extracted, it can be recycled over and over again with the use of very few resources without leaving the sustainable cycle. This means that the steel does not disappear and can be reused again and again in the future without losing its properties

Steel is the main component in most of our radiators and gives Hudevad products a long life cycle. Durability ensures that even in busy and exposed environments, the radiators and their design remain intact. Often, our radiators last even longer than the actual building in which they are installed and rarely need to be replaced throughout the lifetime of the building.

In addition, we are constantly trying to improve and optimize our products to save on our resources and reduce our production waste. It can be through a new design that uses thinner steel plates or re-design of a radiator so that it can be produced with less energy consumption. That way, we save on our production budget, and we reduce our consumption of new resources.

We recycle the resources

Even with the long durability and lifespan of our radiators, all of our radiators can be 100% recycled after use and remelted into new radiators or completely new products. This - e.g. by returning the products to our factory so they can be included in new radiator designs - can save our atmosphere from further Co2 impact.

All surplus material from our factories, e.g. clippings and punched-out pieces, are collected, sorted and recycled. The material parts that are not part of the finished product therefore become part of our steel's "circle of life" and can end up at the factory again as "new" material, ready for use in production again.

Most countries today are very good at recycling steel and we therefore recommend that you do not transport the radiators unnecessarily far after use, as this can have a negative effect on the product's environmental footprint.

What else do we do

Working with the climate and our immediate environmental impacts has become an important part of our DNA, so we can ensure that we also have a planet to pass on to future generations. Not only are we trying to optimize our production, but of course we have also looked at what other actions we can take, both now and in the future.

We would like to be able to guarantee that we also deliver better and more green heat and therefore work continuously with the following points:

Pollution prevention

  • Sorting of all waste
  • We minimize the use of plastic everywhere - e.g., all Hudevad products are packed and sent in cardboard boxes and are no longer wrapped in plastic
  • Uses LED lighting throughout the company
  • Our electrical appliances are at least A ++
  • Only uses electric trucks in our warehouse
  • Ship weekly deliveries to our stock-bearing customers
  • Uses paint without heavy metals

Sustainable use of resources

  • Our wooden pallets are recycled
  • We only use FSC certified wood in our warehouse and for our special pallets
  • We use Fairtrade products, such as coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. in the canteen
  • We only use eco-labeled cleaning products
  • We use the Nordic Ecolabel and FSC certified paper for all our printed matter

Combating climate change

  • We have minimized our flights by more than 65%
  • When we fly, we CO2 compensates for all flights
  • As of 1 January 2022, all our company cars will be replaced with hybrid cars and we thereby reduce our CO2 emissions by 123 g CO2 per kilometer driven.
  • We have flexible work arrangements and, where possible, everyone works at home from a minimum of 2 days a week, so driving is minimized
  • We use sustainable IT solutions, data solutions and servers
  • We only buy and use green electricity from renewable energy sources - that is, our electricity consumption is 100% CO2 neutral.

Protection of nature

  • We are working on new projects in and around the company, where we are looking at collecting rainwater, creating a biodiversity garden and buying several square kilometers of rainforest.

We keep adding to our green account

We are constantly adding new things to our "green account" and are consistently working on more and new projects and initiatives that can make our heat even greener and help us all towards a more sustainable and less exhausting treatment of our planet.

One way is to be a member of the Green Building Council Denmark. Our products positively contribute to your construction projects DGNB certification.

We are fit for the future

All our efforts are supported by strong overall governance, exceptional safety standards and effective oversight of our supply chain management. Everything is part of our strong structural foundation to ensure we achieve our goals and run a responsible business.

Hudevad Radiator Design is part of a strong and solid group that works hard to ensure that we also reach our sustainability goals - we call it Fit for the Future.

Fit for the future
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