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Hudevad radiators can fit in most environments and are well suited for all homes. All you need to consider is what kind of expression you want in your home. We have design radiators to cover all imaginable design trends and we know that a radiator is not at the top of the wish list of any homeowner, as many radiator-designs really aren’t very pretty and is one of the things in a building that needs to be there out of sheer necessity. Most people therefore have a desire to hide the radiator as far away as possible and then forget about it.

Here at Hudevad we decided long ago that our radiator design should be more than just a heat source. Our radiator designs are all made with a simple and timeless expression where we give you lots of choices for shapes, sizes, and colors, thereby giving you the opportunity to choose whether the radiator should act as an eye-catcher in your interior, emphasize or highlight a specific part of the interior or whether the radiator should slide into the background, stored in a piece of furniture, built into the wall, or have a function such as towel dryer or act as a wardrobe.

For us at Hudevad design and technology goes hand in hand. We want to make good design that fits in everywhere, emphasizes the individual style, decor and interior and is contributing to the creation of the right atmosphere - yes, basically contributing to a lovely home and building to live in, but it should also be cost effective and give you maximum return on investment. By that we mean that you will get an effective heat source that simply looks great in any interior. All you must consider is which radiator design will fit your interior design the best.

Below we have given you a bit more inspiration for the most sought-after rooms when it comes to radiator design. Which radiator will suit and work best for your bathroom, and can you use the same radiator in your hallway or kitchen? We have tried to answer as best we can, but if you need more information or have questions you are always welcome to contact us. Feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

It's all about the details

Hudevad is Danish design and has been for more than 85 years. The characteristics of a Hudevad are the sleek design with a very strong focus on all the small details that makes a Hudevad radiator unique and the dedication to function and form that in the end produces a highly durable and long-lasting radiator.

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When standard doesn't cut it

Sometimes a location, a build or interior requires a little extra and we can do that too! Our factory in Kolding, Denmark produces everything that requires special tools, special measurements, a curved or angled radiator – well everything out of the ordinary.

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Danish Design
Hudevad Radiator Design are Danish designed radiators of the highest quality.
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