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Our radiators are not just good-looking - they are better for the environment and for your wallet. Almost all of our radiators have low water content, which automatically means that they have a faster response time and thus are quicker to heat up when you need it, but more importantly, are quick to cool down when you don’t need the extra heat. That is how you save money.

The problem with old radiators or underfloor heating is that if the sun starts shining through your windows, your house is heating up by the force of nature, and you shouldn’t be pumping heat out of your heating sources. However both old radiators and underfloor heating take hours and hours to stop producing heat, and though you don’t need the heat, you are paying for it. That is why our radiators are a better choice. They cool down quick, saving you - and the environment - wasted energy.

Comparison of response time to temperature changes

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Private home in Ribe, Denmark
Private home in Aars, Denmark

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